Cocktail-making kit Orange and Blueberry


ORANGE AND BLUEBERRY cocktail making kit

We have put a lot of flavors in a beautiful glass bottle so that you can be your own cocktail master at home! The set for making a cocktail “Orange and blueberry” is intended for flavouring vodka. Pour 0.5 l of vodka over the spices, let the mixture stand in the fridge for at least 3 days, and your new favourite flavored vodka is ready.

The product does not contain alcohol!

The cocktail making kit is made in Estonia, using mainly freeze-dried berries and spices.



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Be the master of your cocktail, in other words, we have created a very awesome cocktail mix. There are currently 3 main flavours – one for gin, one for vodka and one for rum.


This cocktail mix is suitable for vodka. The main flavour comes from orange and freeze-dried blueberries. But also both brown sugar and thyme play a very important role.

The cocktail mix comes in a gorgeous bottle, which in turn comes in a very fun gift box.

There are two options for labels – Soup of the day: vodka and I NEED HUG or six shots of vodka. When completing the order, write the desired label variant in the comment.

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