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About us

Hi, I’m Kairi and our tiny family-owned business Black Giraffe Brand includes me, our 4 year old marketing director Ruudi and 2 year old assistant baby girl named Nora. But the biggest part of our family is all these hot mamas and superheroes, who all have something from us at their home.
And hopefully you are also joining our BG family 🙂

Our brand is about being real. Parenting is not always picture perfect. It’s not all hobble-bubble light pink and baby blue. But at the end it is always 100% love and knee-deep happiness. And our happy color is black. And we know that there is whole real, no bullshit family tribe out there. So we just needed to make something that would match that total #superparent awesomeness.

All our products are high quality, eco-friendly and the t-shirts are also 100% organic. We truly believe in making this world a better place, as well as in the terms of style, creativity and innovation. But above all, we believe it’s that little, magical personal touch we add to every BG item, that makes them stand out and be OUR brand, of all the

So, we are sure as hell, in Black Giraffe Family you will find your missing piece, yours truly perfect match.
PS! Picture-perfect life doesn’t fit you? Or even interests you? Well, don’t worry! Neither does us.

Sincerely yours,
Kairi, Ruudi & Nora

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