5 games in one wooden box.


In a beautiful package, everyone’s favorite board games – chess, dominoes, cards, mikado (pick-up sticks), and backgammon!

The perfect gift idea!

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Forget boring evenings – now all your favorites are in one beautiful wooden box.

Chess, dominoes, cards, mikado (pick-up sticks), and backgammon!

Enjoy autumn evenings with friends and family and have some cozy game nights.

Backgammon, also known as triktrak, is one of the world’s oldest two-player board games. On the game board, there are 24 narrow triangles, or spikes, on which the pieces are placed. Each player starts the game with 15 pieces on the board. The goal is to be the first to remove all of your pieces from the board. Pieces are moved according to the number rolled on two dice.


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